Hello!! Welcome to HASUNG company!

After being established in 1981 August 1st, Hasung Co., Ltd was a trade agency, import & export

business in start.

In the end of 2002, Hasung Vietnam Co., Ltd which is producing industrial plant, shipbuilding

equipment and material was established, so it reached the point where it reaches to today.

Hasung Co., Ltd has not been a general trade company, but has done a comprehensive trading

function which is company credit investigation, manufacturing control, quality control with

production business and inspection.

The study and training to JAPAN(language and technology) has done in order to accomplish this

kind of business smoothly without any difficulty, thus the ability of the staffs is excellent

compared to every manufacturing company and trade company.

With the think at opponent position, our company can have the relationship of the reliance that

give satisfaction to manufacturing companies and customers, thus it maintains long time successful


The most important thing is that we us to think at customer's standpoint for delivery, price, quality and

quick after service that customers want.

Also, we give the JAPANESE advanced technology which is the weakness point to small and medium

sized manufacturing corporation, financial support, and minimum profit guarantee etc for

considering at standpoint of the manufacturing corporation, thus we can have the increase of

20-30% every year at sales, and the relationship of the mutual reliance

has got stronger.

In addition, from the latter half of 2003, Hasung Vietnam Co., Ltd

started full scaled
, so operation exporting steel door for ships and steel

structures to JAPAN and KOREA.

Hasung Co., Ltd became the special trade company that exports KOREAN

products to VIETNAM, sells VIETNAM products to KOREA and JAPAN for the

target of JAPAN and VIETNAM market.

Is there any desire that do business with Hasung Co., Ltd?

We are always open, and waiting for you.

Trophy of Ten Million Dollar Export
from President ROH MU HYUN
(Nov 30, 2005)